Oil and Gas Jobs in Sri Lanka

Rapid expansion of the oil and gas sector of Sri Lanka has accounted in a steep growth in the country’s economy. The government further initiated projects in order to encourage the expansion of the oil and gas sector of Sri Lanka. It was approved by the parliament that the private sector could invest in the sector to earn additional profits. Most of the products were exported to foreign countries; whereby, earning a great deal of revenue for Sri Lanka. Renowned company, Ceylon Petroleum Corp., has been catering ample oil and gas jobs in Sri Lanka for her inhabitants as well as the expatriates. With the improvement in other sectors and infrastructure, the country’s business has experienced considerable elevation. For further development of the employees profitable remunerations and other benefits are furnished by the companies.
Qualification: A degree in engineering or any related field (bachelor's or master's) is the basic credential to apply for a post in the oil and gas sector of Sri Lanka. A master's degree holder is preferred. Candidates with a specialized degree, diploma or certification in an associated arena always have a beneficial factor. In addition, for non-engineering posts the required qualifications vary largely. 
Posts offered: From the wide array of posts offered by the oil and gas companies handful of them is been listed below for your reference.
  • Field Engineer
  • Well Engineering Manager
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Lead Piping Design Engineer
  • Senior Geologist
  • Civil Engineer
  • Senior Operations Supervisor
  • Oil & Gas Consultant
  • Business Development Manager
  • Asset Manager and so forth 

Work experience: Well experienced and skilled workers are sought after by most of the companies. Normally, for the junior posts 2-3 years of experienced candidates are preferred; whereas, for superior posts a higher experienced background applicant is desired. 
Other requirements: Good verbal and written communication skill in English, interpersonal and team worker qualities, excellent technical knowledge and ability to work with least supervision are some of additional qualities that are required. 
Working hours: Generally in oil and gas jobs in Sri Lanka the workers have to work for 40 hours/week and in unavoidable circumstances extra hours are required as well. 
Pay scale: The salary package comprises of the basic, housing allowances, paid leaves, medical and other benefits. The salary starts at $20,000; however, depending on the job profile, the qualifications and work proficiency it is augmented further. 

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