Jobs in Sudan

Despite different economic policies and investments, Republic of Sudan still faces economic problems because it has a very low per capita income. Sudan is presently implementing the different economic policies that have been recommended by IMF and has started exporting crude oil and other oil related products. Presently oil is Sudan's main export and with the revenue coming from the oil exports, Sudan is growing at a rate of 7% (2005). 
Agriculture still remains an important sector, with 80% of the population being employed there. Thus, there are a lot of chances of getting different types of jobs in Sudan. With proper qualification, skills and a little experience, anyone can get good jobs in Sudan. 
With the present economic growth of Sudan, there has been a lot of growth in the job market. Though the job market is not as huge as the developed nations or other developing nations, a large number of jobs are available in Sudan. Ambitious people with the aim to change their life to a better one from the present situation can get jobs in Sudan. Full time as well as part time jobs are available in Sudan. 
Presently, a large number of people are applying for jobs in Sudan which include local as well as foreign nationals. Actually Sudan has a large number of job opportunities, but there is a lack of skilled labor in Sudan. So, a person with proper skills and qualification can get a number of job opportunities there. Also from this site one can get the material like Interview Questions, Tips etc. that can help in getting a job. 

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