Hotel Jobs in Sudan

In the year 2005, after the north-south peace deal, the longest civil war in Africa ended. This resulted in a large number of investors coming to Sudan and exploring chances of investment in Sudan. Along with these, a large number of programs are arranged by the U.N. Peace Keeping Forces and many countries have started expanding there embassies in Sudan. All these have given a boost to the hotel industry in Sudan, as a large number of people have started visiting the country from other parts of the world.
As the hotel industry is booming in Sudan, a large number of hotel jobs in Sudan are now available in the country. But the major problem is the lack of skilled work force in Sudan and as a result a large number of foreign nationals can get hotel jobs in Sudan. A large number of international hotel chains are planning to open hotels in Sudan. To get more information about hotel jobs in Sudan, read on: 
Posts offered: 
  • Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Director of food and beverage 
  • Manager
  • Executive Housekeeper
  • Executive Chef
  • Front Desk Agent 
  • Guest Relation Agent
  • Bartenders
  • Waiter/Waitresses 
Qualifications: For managerial positions, a minimum bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management/Human Resources/Business Management is required. For front desk and other related posts, a graduate degree is required. For other entry level jobs, no specific qualifications are mentioned. 
Work Experience: Work experience is not of much importance. It is considered as an added advantage. For international hotels in Sudan, 2-3 years of experience is given importance. Skilled and qualified jobseeker can get jobs in Sudan. 
Working Hours: Working hours is usually not specified. However, working hours depend on the type of job, in-house work requirements etc. 
Pay Scale: Nothing has been specifically said about the salary. 

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