HR Policies in Sudan

The HR Policies in Sudan are one of the most important aspects of her employment scenario. In order to attain economic growth, the various economic sectors need to have adequate human resource at place. The labor laws in Sudan are directed towards this aim.
There is an attempt to search for, and provide job opportunity to the national work force through various schemes, for instance, setting up of various public and private recruitment agencies so that people can get faster access to jobs. The labor laws have also set specific guidelines for employment contracts, working hours, recruitment and termination policies which are flexible and detailed. HR Policies thus represent a crucial aspect for the economic development of Sudan.
Recruitment Agencies 
By a unique labor law, Sudan has opened the way for establishment of both public and private recruitment agencies in the country. The government has also entitled itself in the setting up of recruitment agencies. These agencies can serve specific categories of services as well. In case of private agencies, any person or organization wanting to set up a recruitment agency has to take permission from the ministry. The ministry will grant its request only if the situation demands so. It is also made compulsory for prospective employees to register with an employment agency for finding a job. Also, the recruitment agencies have been given the right to hold professional examinations to test the merit of respective candidates. Any Sudan national wishing to go abroad for employment has to take special permission from the Ministry to do so. 
Working Conditions and Wages 
For working conditions and working hours, special provisions have been made for women and young children. Working hours for Sudanese late night working hour for women has restricted up to 10 pm at night and not before 6 am in the morning. Certain types of jobs have been categorized as prohibited for women, as they are considered hazardous for their physical health and well being. Similar laws have been formulated for young children also. Official working hours have been kept at 48 hours per week with 8 hours per day as an average. Maternity leaves have been kept flexible. It is a choice between four weeks before and after delivery or two weeks before and six weeks after delivery. 
Wages are paid only in cash, while allowances like fuel, clothes, food, housing, transport etc. can be paid in kind. There is however no specific mention of the minimum wage limit for workers on Sudan. Advance payments are to be made without any interest. 

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