Management Jobs in Sudan

The Sudan government, with more beneficial policies and regulations, has made favorable changes in the industrial and service sector. Loads of management professionals are passing out from the reputed colleges of Sudan each year. With the expansion of the economy the increase in the number of organizations, getting jobs in Sudan is becoming easier. The companies are flourishing further at a rapid pace and absorbing large number of management professionals in order to augment the organization’s prospect. Foreign investments and proper banking and finance sector has further augmented the numerous management jobs in Sudan. The country’s job scenario is improving and attracting foreign workers even more. Gain more knowledge about the management jobs in Sudan from the following segments we have in store.

Qualification: To attain a respectable managerial job in Sudan, an aspirant should possess a bachelor's degree in management. A master's degree in the same would always be preferred. In addition, for specific and superior positions, specialization in accounting, human resource, marketing, management, sales and so forth is looked for by the companies. Posts offered: In different sectors of the country, numerous job positions are available. Candidates should possess the required qualification and experience to acquire a specific position. A handful of posts is listed below: 
  • Financial Manager
  • Accountant
  • Relationship Manager
  • Business Information Researcher
  • Human Resource Executive
  • Marketing Executive
  • Director of Sales & Marketing
  • General Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Corporate Counsel and so forth 
Work experience: A minimum of 3-5 years of work experience in the respective field is necessary to acquire a management job in Sudan. However, for superior posts an experience of at least 5-7 years is a must. 
Other requirements: Excellent expertise and knowledge in the related field is necessary for a candidate. Apart from good academic background a candidate is expected to possess leadership qualities, good communication skill and talent to manage the employees. 
Working hours: The employees generally have to work for 42-48 hours/week; however, they can be asked to put in some extra time. Friday is a weekly holiday for all the Sudan employees. 
Pay scale: The pay scale has not been specified by the companies of Sudan. However, the same is evaluated on the basis of one’s qualification, experience and job profile. In addition to the salary, the executives are paid extra bonus, lucrative overtime wages and other benefits. 

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