Teaching Jobs in Sudan

Teaching is an excellent career option in any part of the world. It is the same with Sudan. There are a large number of teaching jobs in Sudan at present. Teaching different languages, especially English, forms an important part of teaching jobs in Sudan. Teaching jobs not only consists of teaching for children but also teaching the adults as well.
From 1990s onward there has been a considerable progress in the field of education in Sudan. Educational institutions, teachers, as well as students have dramatically increased. Gender bias has also decreased as government has laid emphasis on education for girls. The present structure of education is divided into three stages – preschool (khalwa and kindergarden), basic education and secondary education.
As the government has taken special interest in promoting education, this has resulted in a large number of teaching jobs in Sudan. After agriculture, teaching is one of the professions where a large number of people are employed in Sudan. 
The present government has announced an ambitious project to expand higher education. Lack of proper planning is a barrier to sustainable changes. There are a lot of chances for innovation and experimentation in this field. In order to know more about the teaching jobs in Sudan, read the following: 
While applying for jobs in preschool, the minimum qualification required is graduation. Same goes for language teachers as well. But along with this, the language teachers should be native speakers of that language and must have a diploma in teaching that language. For teaching jobs in higher posts and in technical departments, departments of science, master’s degree in that particular field is required. For teaching in university, a master's degree is required and along with this, a post doctoral degree will be an added qualification. 
Work Experience: For language teaching, an experience of 2 years is required. Other than this, nothing is specified about nursing jobs in Sudan. 
Working Hours: The normal working hours for the school is also the working hours for the teachers. It is generally 7-8 hours. 
Pay Scale: Salary for teaching jobs in Sudan is not specified. 

Education in Sudan showed developments in the late twentieth century. Today, there is a lot of respect for the teaching profession in the country; girls are also allowed to attend schools and colleges. The government of Sudan is taking steps to increase the number of education institutes. There is a huge demand for teachers of English. An applicant to a school teaching job must have passed minimum graduation. A master’s degree is essential to apply for teaching posts in colleges. The average working hours of teachers in Sudan is 7 to 8 hours daily. The popular education institutes are:

Omdurman Ahlia High School – This is one of the most distinguished schools located in the Omdurman area of Sudan. It is a public school built adjacent to the Khartoum University.

Unity High School – This is a private school modeled on the education centers of Britain. The enrollment rate at the school is very high on account of its centralized location in Khartoum and the fact that it provides learning of the English language as taught in British schools.

Khartoum American School – An international school of Sudan, it was initially built to offer learning to only children of US diplomats settled in Khartoum. Today, the school houses students from 44 countries across the world. A specialty of this school is that it provides preparatory classes for college to classes 9 to 12 students.

Ahfad University for Women – This is a private non sectarian institute situated in Omdurman. Operating since 1966, this institute offers five years BA and B.Sc degrees and two years master’s degrees. More than 5,000 students study in this university.

Bayan College for Science and Technology – Established in the year 1997, the college started admissions in the year 1998. Since then, it has become one of the most popular institutes to receive higher education in engineering. Science students can study bachelor’s and diploma courses in engineering here.

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