Summer Jobs

Summer jobs are the best opportunity to gain practical exposure to one’s professional education in management institute of engineering college. The concept of Summer jobs are often termed as internship training in some disciplines or places, aims to re-orient the professional knowledge gained through academic study.
These jobs are often not published, except by very few organizations but can be obtained through personal and family relations in the industry. Also, professional institutes maintain correspondence with industries for summer job placement of their students for fulfillment of Project training in their curriculum.
Summer Job placements are critically important for students of Management Schools. Employers whom the candidates apply for final placement evaluate the brand equity of the organization in which he did the summer placement and the type of experience he gained.
The engineering and other career programmes also include Summer Training in its curriculum with an aim to correlate the academic study with actual industry working. This also helps improve the students’ adaptability in the formal workplace environment. It also gives him/her an opportunity to apply what have been studied.
Ways to find a Summer Job:
One should start preparations to search summer jobs well in advance, at least two months before the desired start date of the summer training.
   - Approach your institute’s placement cell for arranging summer job in a reasonably good organization. It may be     possible if your institute carry a good name in the region.
   - People in your family circle with good industry contact can help you secure a Summer job.
   - Your seniors from the institute who are already regular employees in various companies can help you to secure internship offer.
   - Many employers often need short term employees for product launch or exhibitions. Corporate houses are giving more emphasis to PR campaigns, for which they need educated boys and girls. Look out for such employers who recruit project trainees through newspaper advertisement or Job Websites.
Summer Jobs in India
Find if these sites can help you find online job posting for summer jobs and Project Trainee career in India and abroad.
1. Jobs at McDonalds India
Season Placements at McDonalds
2. Summer
seasonal employment and careers with Camps, Resorts, Parks, Hotels, Environmental organizations and more at

3. Summer jobs for teens & college students
Summer and Seasonal Job Resources for Teen Job-Seekers
4. Summer Camp Jobs
Search and apply for summer jobs and full-time camp jobs., the one-stop online summer camp job employment recruitment resource, has been helping summer camp programs.
Thousands of Jobs in Great Places
6. E-campus
Job site with featured employer who offer Summer Jobs 

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