Jobs in Switzerland

The economy of Switzerland is one of the most stable modern market economy in Europe. The normal per capita GDP of the country is higher than those of big European nations. According to World Economic Forum's report Switzerland economy is one of the most competitive in the world allthough in the early 1990s the country suffered from slow growth and in 2005, it fell to fourth among European countries. The flourished economy of Switzerland has been supported by a skilled and peaceful workforce and the leading industries create huge scope of jobs in Switzerland. Though in the recent times there have been some industrial strike against companies like Coca-Cola, Swiss International Airlines, the worker-friendly labor laws have helped in maintaining a healthy employer-employee relation in the industries. And this has facilitated people in getting jobs in Switzerland.
The leading industries of Switzerland are banking, tourism, chemical and pharmaceuticals. Manufacturing industry including watchmaking is well reputed in the world. Other leading industries of the country are automobile, steel and mineral. The tourism market of the country is very well flourished with a highly developed infrastructure. And contributes highly in the economy. Large number of people having various educational backgrounds are employed every year in these industries and with their rapid growth the scope of jobs in Switzerland is increasing day by day. 

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