Banking Jobs in Switzerland

The banking sector of Switzerland is one of the most flourished sector of the country but of the continent also. Banking jobs in Switzerland is a common profession as the sector employs nearly four per cent of the country's population and generate nearly nine per cent of the GDP. In the year 1934 the Banking Law was passed by the Swiss Parliament which codified the secrecy rules and criminalize violation of it. On 1 January, 1995 the Parliament enacted and passed a new Banking Law permitting foreign banks to open their branches, subsidiaries and representative offices without Federal Banking Commission (FBC)'s approval. A prior agreement between Switzerland and foreign government is required for that. This has attracted many foreign banks to open their branches and subsidiaries in Switzerland . At present Switzerland is an attractive location for foreign banks. The abundance of national and foreign banks are not only helping in the development of the economy but are also facilitating masses in getting banking jobs in Switzerland.

Federal Banking Commission (FBC) regulates all banks in Switzerland. Swiss National bank (SNB) is the biggest bank in the country and it has divided all banks in the country into the following categories: 
  • Big Banks
  • Cantonal Banks
  • Regional Banks and Savings Banks
  • Raifeisen Banks
  • Commercial Banks
  • Stock exchange Banks
  • Foreign-controlled banks
  • Private Banks 
Large number of people with different educational qualifications work in different departments of these banks. And with foreign banks coming in large numbers the scope of banking jobs in Switzerland is getting broader. 
Posts offered: The different posts offered in banking jobs in Switzerland are 
  • Banking business analyst
  • Compliance officer
  • Banker
  • Banking business analyst
  • business analyst
  • Money market broker
  • Product manager, asset management
  • Tax specialist
  • Trust officer
  • Investment advisors 
Educational qualification: Graduation with MBA in finance and marketing is an essential criteria for getting banking jobs in Switzerland. Trained people get more preference. 
Work experience: Generally working experience of three-five years is sought for banking jobs in Switzerland.
Working hours: The normal working hours for banking jobs in Switzerland is 40-45 hours per week. 
Pay scale: Nothing is specified about pay scale for banking jobs in Switzerland. 

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