IT Jobs in Switzerland

In recent times Switzerland has come up as one of the leading European countries in computer application. Information Technology (IT) is now one of the key industries of Switzerland and currently it is one of the major employers in the country. The country has got a well flourished outsourcing business sector. Apart from these, day by day all the major industries in the country like tourism, power systems, banks, insurance, chemical, watch manufacturing, transportation, telecommunication are getting more and more dependant on the information technology. Organizations are looking for efficient IT professionals in large numbers and thus it has now become a good option for people to go for IT jobs in Switzerland. And as the demand for IT professionals in these industries is increasing rapidly the scope of getting IT jobs in Switzerland is also broadening.
To meet the increasing need of IT professionals in the industries the country has emphasized on career development of students in computer science. Switzerland offers IT curricula in nine universities as Basel, Bern, Geneva, Freiburg, Lausanne, Neuchatel, Zurich and Italian Switzerland university. There are two Federal Institute of Technology (EPF Lausanne and ETH Zurich). Advanced courses on computer science and Information technology specially at Masters level are taught and students are given training to use the international language of computer science in these institutes. The advanced courses and the trainings help students immensely to prepare themselves for meeting the need of industry and the degrees and certificates given by these institutes makes a good impact on employers while people apply for IT jobs in Switzerland. 
Posts offered: In Switzerland posts various posts are offered to professionals depending on the nature of the industry. These can be classified as follows: 
In software companies: 
  • Software programmer
  • Software developer
  • Database programmer
  • Application developer
  • C++,Unix, Java developer
  • Researcher
  • Systems manager
  • Project manager
  • Information technology architect 
In financial organizations (banking, insurance, e business firms, tax consultancy firms): 
  • Business analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Website developer
  • Website designer
  • IT consultant 
Apart from these young and enthusiastic people (having knowledge of basic computer applications and fluent English speaking capacity) employed in large numbers in the BPO industry as call center executives, people having good flair for writing are getting jobs as content writers, GIS executives also. 
Educational qualification: Basic knowledge of computer application and handling is the primary criteria for all kinds of IT job. For jobs in software companies A bachelor's and master's degree (B Sc, M Sc) in mathematics and computer science with knowledge of C++ ,Java, HTML and Oracle are essential. 
Work experience: Software companies generally seek work experience of one-four years for recruiting people in jobs. 
Duty hours: 40 hours per week is the normal working hours for IT jobs in Switzerland. 
Pay scale: Nothing is specified about pay scale for IT jobs in Switzerland, but the pay scale for Information Technology professionals is higher than most of the other industries. And the salary figure depends on the working experience of professionals. 

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