Media Jobs in Switzerland

The media job market is diversified in Switzerland. One one hand the influence of the three neighboring countries Germany ,France and Italy have an impact on the media market specially in the print media. And on the other hand, it has been influenced by the country's neutrality. A well educated workforce has helped the media industry to flourish and with the growth of the industry the scope of media jobs in Switzerland has also increased. The three neighboring countries have an linguistic impact on the print media. Most of the leading daily newspapers published from Switzerland are of German language and many are of French language.
The leading newspapers of Switzerland are: Blick, Tages-Anzeiger, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Berner Zeitung, Neue Luzerner Zeitung, Aargauer Zeitung, Basler Zeitung, and St. Galler Tagblatt, 24 Heures and Tribune de Genève. A variety of local regional and national newspapers have continuously met the strong demand of the educated readers. And as the The readership is mostly reliable on print media, it is creating more opportunity for educated people to get media jobs in Switzerland. 
To meet the increasing need of educated readers the educational institutions have shifted their focus on preparing young journalists, because in Switzerland getting a direct employment in media job is a rare thing. Institute for Media Studies at the University of Basel, Institute for Media Studies at the University of Berne, Institute for Journalism and Communication Study at the University of Fribourg are some of the leading institutions who are training people on journalism and communication and are helping people immensely in getting media jobs in Switzerland. 
In print media people are offered different posts according to the need of different departments: 
Editorial Dept :
  • Editor
  • Deputy editor
  • Assistant editor
  • Editor-in-chief
  • Reporters/correspondents (Full-time, part-time)
  • Senior correspondents
  • Feature writers
  • Sub-editors
  • graphic designers
  • Photographers 
Marketing Dept: 
  • General manager (marketing)
  • Marketing manager
  • Marketing executives 
Circulation Dept: 
  • Circulation manager
  • Circulation staff 
In electronic media, besides the posts mentioned under editorial head people are also getting plenty of jobs as : 
  • News reader
  • Anchor
  • Radio jockey 
Educational qualifications: The requirement of educational qualifications for media jobs vary from department to department. But for jobs in editorial department graduation from Arts stream is the minimum criteria. Post graduation diploma in journalism and mass communications, photography, graphic designing are given more preference. For jobs in marketing department post graduation diploma in Public relation (PR) gets more preference. 
Work experience: Experience is always sought for media jobs. Previous working experience of one-two years make very strong curriculum vitae. However inexperienced people get scope to work as trainee. 
Duty hours: The normal duty hours for media jobs are eight hours per day , but people working in the editorial department often have to work much longer depending on flow of news. 
Pay scale: Nothing is specified about pay scale for media jobs in Switzerland. 

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