Placement Consultants in Switzerland

Placement consultants functions as a bridge between employers and job seekers. Their main job is to satisfy the need of the employer and the applicant. Placement consultants often have access to many hidden jobs which are not advertised publicly. They always keep in touch with different organizations who inform them about their existing vacancies and the requisite skill set they are looking for from the incumbents.

Placement consultants in Switzerland conduct extensive research work in scrutinizing resumes of job seekers and then provide them with suitable placements.With all round industrial growth in Switzerland a common factor for the past few years, demand for skilled and efficient workers is always on the rise and job seekers on an average are spoilt for choice. It is in this context that the placement consultants in Switzerland play a very important and constructive role.

The Swiss placement consultants earn their revenue as commission money from both the employers and the job seekers and their reputation in the job market is largely dependent on the satisfaction level of the concerned parties. With their valuable advice and guidance, these firms are helping people choose their career paths and making it easy for organizations to build a strong and efficient workforce. Success in the job market is bringing in more and more revenue rithe placement consultants in Switzerland are getting more and more and clients and as it has proved itself as an interesting profession, the placement consultants are growing in numbers day by day. Names of some of the placement consultants in Switzerland are given below:

  • Terre Des Hommes
    Address: Service Adoption
    Madame Marlene
    Hofs tetter, EN
    Budron C, 1052 LE

  • Foundation Enfants-Espoir
    Address: Madame Helga Ney
    1041, Bretigny-Sur-Morrente

  • Stadthanspassage
    Address : Schaffhanserstrasse 126
    Kloten 8302

  • Cattaneo Consulting Sare
    Address: 8 rue de Rive,
    Geneva Switzerland

  • operandi & Partner
    Address : Lauferplatz 6 3011
    City : Bern
    Telephone No. : 41-31-328-5050
    Website/E-Mail :
    Remarks : This agency deals in all kinds of managerial jobs - all levels and all industries

  • Computer Brainware Advisors
    Address : Beethovenstrasse 47, Postfach 1013
    City : Zurich
    Telephone No. : 41-01-284-1111
    Remarks : This agency deals in jobs for the Information Technology Industry

  • Multi Personnel
    Address : Rue du Cendrier 12-14, 1201
    City : Geneve
    Telephone No. : 41-2730350
    Remarks : This agency sepcializes in temporary and permanent manpower for the banking sector

  • Dynamic Career partners
    Address : Rue du Vieux, Marche 10, 1260
    City : Nyon
    Telephone No. : 41-22-994-8900
    Remarks : This agency specializes in the IT sector

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