Teaching Jobs in Switzerland

As there is a scarcity of natural resource, education and knowledge are considered as two very important resources in Switzerland. The European country claims to have one of the best education systems in the world. Switzerland is also an internationally recognized center of excellence for education.. As the responsibility of educational services (kindergarten, schools, universities) are on the cantons, the education system in Switzerland is very diverse and it varies significantly between the cantons. In Switzerland it is compulsory for all children to attend the primary school. Day by day the demand for good teachers is increasing making teaching jobs in Switzerland an important profession. For its strong infrastructure in education system and high level of salary plenty of young educated people (mostly women) are getting attracted towards teaching jobs in Switzerland.
To meet the new requirements of the teaching profession the government has brought some reformation in the teachers training system. It now aims at an increased professionalism of teaching and recognition of cantonal teaching diplomas throughout the country. Training of teachers for the pre-school level (kindergarten), primary level and lower secondary level are carried out the universities of teachers education (PH). There are 16 such universities in Switzerland. Names of some of those are give below: 
  • University of teacher education of North-West Switzerland
  • University of teacher education of Jura and Neuchatel
  • University of teacher education of Zurich
  • University of teacher education of St. Gallen 
Training carried out at these universities not only develop the professionalized attitude of teachers but also helps immensely in improving the skills of teaching and classroom management and make it easier for people to get teaching jobs in Switzerland. 
Posts offered: The posts offered in teaching jobs can be classified as follows: 
In pre-school level, primary level and lower secondary level 
  • Part time teacher
  • Full time teacher
  • Substitute teacher
  • Teacher in charge
  • Headmaster/headmistress 
Educational qualifications: Graduation in any stream with strong command over English is needed for full time, part time and substitute teaching jobs is graduation on the subject required with a top rank in the exams. 
Work experience: Prior work experience is not a compulsory requirement for full-time and part-time teaching teaching jobs in Switzerland. 
Duty hours: For full-time teachers, teacher in charge and headmaster/mistress the normal duty hours per day is six to seven. Part-time and substitute teachers take classes according to the requirement of the school. 
In colleges and universities posts are offered as: 
  • Part-time lecturer
  • Full-time lecturer
  • Head of the department
  • Principal 
Educational qualification: Masters degree with is the minimum criteria for candidates applying for teaching jobs in higher-education institutions. Trained people get more preference. 
Work experience: Working experience of one-two years is generally sought. 
Duty hours: Six-seven hours is the normal working hours for teaching jobs in colleges and Universities. Lecturers are assigned a particular number of lecturers per week. 
Pay scale: The average salary of teachers in the lower secondary schools is around $58,520 per annum. 

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