A candidate's appearance reflects his/her personality. A good dressing style enhances the candidate’s confidence and will provide for a splendid first impression.

People often get confused about what to wear for an interview. It would be preferable to dress conservatively for an interview. One should not be overly dressed. One must wear professional attire; no casuals should be put on. One must wear what is most comfortable, i.e. one should know how to carry the clothes one is wearing. Also, one must keep in mind employers’ perspective, i.e. the business organization one is being interviewed for.

General Guidelines for Both Men and Women

A candidate must wear comfortable shoes. They must be well polished. The footwears must not be fashionable; they must reflect the professional attire.

Clean and Ironed Outfits
The clothes must be cleaned and properly ironed. It is preferable not to wear low-waist trousers.

Jewellery & Accessories
Candidates must always wear less jewellery, and if possible no jewellery. The ornaments must not be gaudy. One must not wear any kind of hand band, or other fashionable stuff. Tattoos must not be visible.

The candidates should avoid wearing perfumes and cologne. The interviewer might be allergic to them.


The candidate must keep a pen and notepad with them. They must be in his/her reach, i.e. it should not take much time to take them out.

There are certain other things one must remember. The dress code differs for males and females. Given below are some other tips a candidate must keep in mind while dressing up for an interview.

Dressing Guidelines for Men

  • The candidate must wear dark-coloured trousers with light-coloured full sleeves shirt or dark-coloured 2-piece suit.
  • He must not wear any jewellery.
  • His socks must match the colour of his suit.
  • A complimenting silk tie must be worn. It must be light-coloured, and matching with the suit. It must be simple, and have conservative patterns. The candidate should have short, well-combed hair. His nails must be clean and properly trimmed.
  • The candidate must wear dark shoes.
  • He should preferably be clean shaved. But if he has mustaches or beard, they must be neat and trimmed.

Dressing Guidelines for Women

  • The candidate must wear simple business suits or tailored dress. It should not be revealing. Long sleeves must be worn.
  • She should put light make up and should wear fewer ornaments.
  • Nails must be neat and polished with light colours.
  • The candidate must wear low-heels footwear; bright-colour shoes must not be worn.
  • Hair must be neatly tied-up.
  • She can drape a light coloured scarf over her neck.

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