Candidates should prepare themselves well before they appear for the interview. They should present themselves as superior to one another in every respect, but keeping in mind that they should go beyond ethics and should not harm anyone.

Candidates should be confident. They should not look nervous at any point of time. They should be open to questions, straightforward, alert and energized. Also, they should bot be excited. They should show their interest in the job, but should never show their desperation for the job.

Avoid Giving Wrong Impressions
Candidates should not give any negative impression to their interviewers. They should have a control on their body language, communication, etc. Once a negative impression is given, it is difficult to remove it. Candidates should wear a professional attire at an interview, as casuals give a negative impression. The candidates should also maintain decorum.

Level of Knowledge
Candidates should be well prepared for the interview. They should have sound knowledge about their majors and other subjects taken by them. They should gather all the information they can about the company and the job profile. Cite specific examples of your accomplishments in measurable terms. If candidates do not know the correct answers, they should not panic; they should reaffirm their confidence and answer honestly.

Clarify Doubts
Candidates should immediately clarify any doubts coming to their minds. If they are not sure about the question asked to them or the guideline given to them, they should clarify things with the interviewer or the concerned person. Asking again would be better than leaving a wrong impression.

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