Top 100 Brainteasers for a Job Interview

Q1.A watch loses exactly 10 minutes every one hour. If this watch is set at 12 (noon) correctly, what would be the right time when this watch reads 3:00 pm?
Q2.How many times do the hands of a clock overlap in a day?
Q3.How can you weigh a plane without using scales?
Q4.What number belongs at the beginning of this sequence? _, 3, 2, 3, 9, 2, 4, 8, 4, 3, 7, 6
Q5.Can you tell me 10 ways to use how to use a pencil apart from writing?
Q6.Without changing the order of the following numbers, how can you make them equal 100? 3 5 6 2 54 5
Q7.Why is there fuzz present on a tennis ball?
Q8.A cab driver runs through 4 red lights, 2 stop signs and goes through a house. A police officer sees all these but doesn't take any action. Why not?
Q9.If you are alone in a boat, which has a large hole in the bottom and sharks are swimming around you on all sides. The boat is sinking fast. How will you survive?
Q10.Keeping your eyes closed, tell me step-wise how to tie up my shoelaces.
Q11.What does the following symbolize? Pot OOOOOOOO
Q12.You have the following numbers- 1 (one), 6 (six), 7 (seven) and 9 (nine), and you need to find the equation that would be equal to 24. You can use each number only once.
Q13.O, S, C, Y, S, B, T, D? Which letter would come next?
Q14.A blue-house is prepared of blue bricks, has blue door and blue roof. A pink-house is prepared of pink bricks, has pink door and pink roof. Tell us what is the greenhouse made of?
Q15.On a reality game show, the competitor was shown 3 closed doors - 1 hides a jeep and the remaining 2 conceal a dog. The competitor selects door 1. Keeping it closed and knowing which door hides the jeep, the host reveals a dog behind another door. Then he gives option to the candidate whether he wants to switch the remaining door or want to stay with his first choice. Should the competitor switch to another door or stick with the original one to get the best possibility of winning?
Q16.There is a dinghy full of people. The dinghy goes under a bridge and comes out the other side. It is seen that there is not a single person in the dinghy. How is it possible?
Q17.Rajesh Sharma was a perfect man, but his nephew could not see it. Why?
Q18.Akash and Rinky both have some oranges. If Akash gives Rinky an orange, both of them will have same number of oranges. However, if Rinky gives Akash an orange, Akash will have twice the number of oranges Rinky has. How many oranges do Akash and Rinky each have?
Q19.A plane is sitting on the conveyer belt. Its speed matches with that of a plane in opposite direction. When can the first plane take off?
Q20.What letter should be next in the following sequence? O, T, T, F, F, S, S
Q21.SO, ND, JF, MA, __, __ Tell the next 2 pairs.
Q22.There are 3 rooms, each containing gold coins, cotton bags and currency notes. If all the 3 rooms are on fire, in which room would the ambulance start watering at first?
Q23.Sam and Ronny are assistants at a local library. Sam can arrange a bookshelf in 10 minutes, but Ronny is slow and takes 20 minutes. How much time would it require to arrange a bookshelf if both work together?
Q24.Sandy went to a hardware shop to buy a thing for her house. She asks the storekeeper about the cost of one and storekeeper looks up, calculates and tells the price to be Rs. 3. She asks the price of twelve and the storekeeper tells the price as Rs. 6. She is told the cost of two hundred is Rs. 9. What thing is Sandy buying?
Q25.You are given these numbers – a) 777, b) 888 and c) 999. You can use the numbers only once and add, subtract, multiply or divide. Can you use these numbers to make 999?
Q26.You are given a weighing balance and 8 balls. One ball amongst the 8 is heavier than the remaining. In how many measures you can identify the heavy ball?
Q27.You are given two jars of capacity 5 liter and 3 liter respectively. You can use any amount of water but you are not allowed to use other container or jar. How can you measure exact 4 liter of water?
Q28.What is the quickest possible way to find the total number of students in a classroom?
Q29.You are given 2 dice, one of them having no number printed on it. You need to label the unmarked dice in such a way that when both are thrown, the sum on the faces are evenly distributed between one and twelve.
Q30.Suppose you have a cottage with 100 windows in it. At first, all of these 100 windows are open. You have 100 maids who will be entering the cottage. The 1st servant closes every window, 2nd person closes every other window, 3rd closes every 3rd window, ..., nth person closes every nth window. How will you find out the state of all 100 windows after all 100 maids have entered the cottage?
Q31.You are given 25 pink balls, 3 red balls and 47 brown balls in a bucket. What would be the least number of balls you need to choose to make sure there are at least 2 balls not of same colors?
Q32.In a jail, there are 100 captives and 1 officer. One day the officer gives order that the next day all the prisoners will have to wear a cap, without knowing the color. However, all the caps will be either in pink or green color. The captives will have to stand in a line and the officer will ask about the color of the cap from the back. The captive saying the wrong color of the cap will be hanged. The prisoners now want to find a strategy to save the maximum number of prisoners.
Q33.Three people going from Mumbai to Pune on foot, decides to take rest in a field. They find a banyan tree and all fall asleep under the tree. A fourth man passing the tree thought of a mischief and draws a funny face on each of the sleeping man’s forehead. After a while, the three people wake up, they start smiling seeing the funny faces on each forehead. But one smart person realizes it. How?
Q34.What is the angle between an hour and a minute hand in a clock when the time is 3.15 p.m.?
Q35.You are given unlimited ropes of same length and the burning time of each is 1 hour. How can you measure 45 minutes?
Q36.There is a village with zombies and a snoring man. The man always snores and a zombie can devour the brain of this man. However, just after eating, the zombie falls asleep and then any other zombie can eat him. So, in order to remain alive the zombies don’t want to devour the brain of the man. So, at first if there were 1 snoring man and 65 zombies, what would happen to the village?
Q37.You need to cross a river with a chicken, fox and a sack of grain. There is a boat that can hold only you and anyone of your belongings. If you leave the fox and chicken alone, the fox will eat the chicken and if you leave chicken with the sack of grain, it will eat it. How can you get all three of them across safely?
Q38.What is the specialty in the following sequence of numbers?
8 5 4 9 1 7 6 10 3 2 0
Q39.If a peacock lays a big egg, sitting at the roof that is slanting, on which side would the egg going to roll off?
Q40.In your closet you have 12 white socks and 12 black socks, all mixed up. It is dark and you need to go out. What would be smallest number of socks you need to blindly take out, to make sure you have a matching pair?
Q41.Three travelers check into a hotel and are told by the manager that each of their room would cost Rs. 10, so they need to pay Rs. 30. But later on, the manager realizes he has made a mistake and should charge them only Rs. 25. So, he returns Rs. 5 through his bellboy. The bellboy is dishonest and returns only Re. 1 to each of the traveler and keeps Rs. 2 to himself. So, it is seen that the men spent Rs. 27 in total and the bellboy kept Rs. 2 to himself. So, what happened to the remaining 1 rupee of original Rs. 30?
Q42.Why in general the snooze intervals on alarm watches/clocks are of 9 minutes and not 10?
Q43.There is a cabin in woods and inside two people are found lying dead. The cabin is not on fire but the surrounding forest is totally burnt. What was the cause of the men’s death?
Q44. Deepa died in the Appalachians while Shikha died at sea. All were much happier with Shikha's death. Why?
Q45.You are the owner of a pet store. If you put one parrot per cage, you have one bird too many. If you put two parrots per cage, you have one cage too many. How many cages and parrots do you have?
Q46. Sudha’s daughter has many sisters. She has as many brothers as she has sisters. Each of her brothers has double the number of sisters as brothers. How many sons and daughters does Sudha have?
Q47.What seven-letter word has hundreds of letters in it?
Q48.Which is heavier between a ton of stones and a ton of feather?
Q49.Ram's mother has three children. One is named April, one is named May. What is the name of the third one?
Q50.Two ladies apply for a job. They are identical, have same birthday, and same parents. The interviewer asks, “Are you twins?” They honestly replied, “No”. How is this possible?
Q51.The cost of a jar and a cap is one rupee and one paisa, and the cost of the jar is a rupee more than cap. What is the cost of the cork?
Q52.A ship has a rope ladder, which has 6 steps. Each step is set a foot apart. The bottommost step is only a foot from water level. The tide gets higher by 12 inches at every fifteen minutes. The high tide reaches its peak in an hour. When tide will reach the peak, how many steps will be under water?
Q53.A prince is as old as the princess will be when the prince is twice the age that the princess was when the prince's age was half the sum of their present ages. What are their ages?
Q54.How many people can understand and read magic charm if only you and dead people can understand and read magic charm?
Q55. If there is a glass with a single ice cube floating on it. When the ice cube completely melts, will the level of the water increase, decrease or remain unchanged?
Q56.An officer told a prisoner, “If you tell the truth we will shoot you and if you lie, you get be hanged”. What can the prisoner say to save himself?
Q57.What number comes next? 2, 2, 4, 12, 48, ___
Q58.What comes next in the following series? 1, 2, 6, 42, 1806?
Q59.What can you decipher from this numerals? 11111121113122223222
Q60.What is the specialty about this numerical sequence? 8, 5, 4, 9, 1, 7, 6, 10, 3, 2, 0
Q61.Find the two missing numbers and their positions in this sequence?
8, 11, 5, 14, 1, 7, 6, 10, 13, 3, 12, 2
Q62.What number (4-digit ) mnop satisfies the given equation? 4 * mnop = ponm
Q63.Name 3 successive days but you cannot use these words - Sunday, Wednesday or Friday.
Q64.A plane caught fire on the border between India and Pakistan. Where will the survivors get buried?
Q65.What four weights can you use to balance from 1 to 30 pounds?
Q66.There are 6 glasses arranged one after another. The first 3 are filled with water and the last 3 are empty. Now you have to arrange them in such a way that there is alternately one full glass and one empty glass. You can move only one glass for doing this. How?
Q67.Mr. X and Mr. Y are standing beside a building. Two ladies are coming towards them. Mr. X says, “Here are my daughter and wife”. Mr. Y also says, “Here are my daughter and wife”. Mr. X and Mr. Y are not married to the same lady and the ladies are not pregnant, so how is it possible?
Q68.Can you rearrange the following letters - "new door" and make it one word?
Q69.What is the next letter in the sequence? B,C,D,E,G,P
Q70.A glass door of green color only admits specific things. Balls and apples are allowed, however, bats and pears are not allowed. Upon what features an item is allowed?
Q71.2 daddies and 2 sons go for fishing in a same boat. Each of them catch a fish, however, the total number of fish is 3. How is it possible?
Q72.By moving only one digit, can you make the given equation correct?
62 - 63 = 1
Q73.A dying man told his two sons that they need to race their horses and reach the next town. The one who would be slower would be declared as winner and inherit the property. The two brothers start slowly and were wandering for days and nights here and there, both wanted the other to reach first. Suddenly they came across a sage and told him about their problem. The sage gave them an advice, and upon hearing it both of them rode on the
horses and ran as fast as they could toward the next town. What was the advice?
Q74.A 20-wheeler was crossing a 5 kilometer wooden bridge that can support up to 10,000 kilograms. The weight of the 20-wheeler is exactly same. When the wheeler is halfway on the bridge, suddenly a sparrow weighing 40 gram lands on the cab. But nothing happens to the bridge. Why?
Q75.Blackie, the dog, got its name because of its complete black fur. It was walking down a street, when suddenly there was cable fault and complete blackout. As it was crossing the main road, a bike with its headlight broken was speeding toward it. However, the bike managed to swerve itself in time and Blackie was saved. How did the bike driver see Blackie and swerved just in time?
Q76.You are vacationing with your wife on an island. You will have two hourglasses (one a 4-minute and another a 7-minute). Your wife asks you to give her a 9-minute egg. You know your wife is very fussy and will not eat if the egg is overcooked or undercooked even by one or two seconds. How will you prepare the 9-minute egg?
Q77.A man was driving with his son. They met with an accident and had to be taken to a hospital. During the journey the man could not be saved but his son was hanging onto his life. They reached the hospital, but the surgeon saw the boy and said, “I cannot operate, he is my own son”. How?
Q78.Sushy can make perfect fake notes. The counterfeit notes exactly like the real notes, in terms of material, ink, and everything. However, one day, she successfully makes a copy of a note but gets caught while trying to use it. Why?
Q79.Two sentries were guarding a palace. One was supposed to face south and another north. Suddenly one guard asked another, “What is the reason for you to smile?” How did the sentry know?
Q80.John is riding his horse, there is an elephant in front of him and he cannot go past it. To his right is a cliff and to his left is a hippopotamus running at same speed. A lion is running after John. How can he save himself?
Q81.Somak Ghosh gets killed on a Sunday morning. CID came and interrogated the servants and maid. They gave different alibis and after hearing, the CID immediately arrested the murderer. Who was the criminal and how could the CID identify him/her?
Cook – I was making breakfast
Maid-servant - I was getting mail
Gardener - I was watering plants
Butler - I was setting table
Q82.A terrorist is sentenced to death. He gets option to make choice among three rooms. The first room has raging fire, the second one has men with loaded guns and the third has lions that are without food for 3 years. Which room would the terrorist choose? Why?
Q83.What does the following represent?
Q84.A train of 1 mile in length is moving at a speed of 60 miles per hour. It reaches a tunnel that is 1 mile long. How much time would be required to pass the tunnel?
Q85. First, think what is snow’s. Then think what is the clouds’ color. Then think what is full moon’s color? Now, tell us what does a cow drink?
Q86.Tommy says his pet dog (Raja) can leap over the house. His classmates do not believe him. But Tommy was telling the truth. Tell us how can it be possible?
Q87. Five crows were perching on a branch. A man shot one crow. How many crows are left?
Q88.A plane, carrying 100 passengers crashed. All the people died but the rescuers found only 99 bodies. How can it be possible?
Q89.If you are asked to spell the numbers starting from 1, at what number would you find the letter ‘A’?
Q90. John pushed his car to Grand Hotel and then he lost all his fortune. Why?
Q91.If 4 dogs can chase 4 cats in 4 minutes, tell us how many dogs can chase 100 cats in 100 mins?
Q92.If you are put in such a room where there is no door, window or an exit, but there are only a table and a mirror. How will you escape?
Q93.Find what is common amongst these: current, loan, faze, dew, ate, by
Q94. Can you correct the following equation by a single stroke? 5 + 5 + 5 = 550
Q95.What does the given sentence represent? Stand Take Mine Taking
I You To My
Q96.How can you turn two into five?
Q97.If you visit a blue ranch house, located on a blue street, which has blue tables, chairs and walls, what would be the color of the stairs?
Q98. Ton, Dick and Harry want to cross a river. The only boat can hold 100 Kilos. Tom and Dick each weigh 50 Kilos but Harry weighs 100 Kilos. How will they all go across?
Q99.Why manhole covers are round in shape?
Q100.Two children are playing a game of checkers and each of them played 5 games. Both of them won exactly the same number of games. There was no tie. How is it possible?

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