Top 100 Interview Riddles for Job Interview

  1. How many tennis balls can you fit in a 10 storey building pipe?
  2. Why aren’t television sets spherical?
  3. Design a plan to service all air conditioners in New Delhi.
  4. How much should you charge for opening a tightly closed bottle?
  5. How many cars were sold today in Ahmedabad?
  6. You have made phone batteries that remain charged for 20 years at a stretch. If the whole world has already bought your batteries and the money you earned will last 10 years. How will you survive the rest 10 years?
  7. How many times in 24 hours are the clock’s hands at right angles?
  8. What is the importance of an empty bottle on the side of the street?
  9. How will you get a girl’s phone number without actually asking her for it?
  10. How will you explain the C++ programming language to a 6 year old?
  11. What will you do to find your favorite pair of white socks from a desk full of black socks in the dark?
  12. You want to buy the new laptop recently launched in the market and sell off the 1 year old one that you have. How will you arrive as your asking price?
  13. Is it possible to fill 4 gallons of water into a 5 gallon tank with just a 3 gallon container? How?
  14. The clock reads 4:40. What is the angle between the hour and minute hands?
  15. How many restaurants in Mumbai serve chopsticks with Chinese food?
  16. On a freezing cold night you have entered a dark room with a pile of wood near the door, haystacks on the other side of the room and a kerosene lamp at the centre of the room. Unfortunately you have a matchbox with only 1 match stick. Which of these should you light first?
  17. If you have two hourglasses, one that lasts 4 minutes and another 7 minutes, how will you measure 9 minutes without taking even a minute longer?
  18. How can you distribute 72 billion dollars to each and every living human in the world?
  19. How would you prove that Italians look best in formals in the world?
  20. If you were an automobile, which type would you be?
  21. Which is the best application in an Android smartphone? How will you make all iPhone users agree with you?
  22. In two tries, can you find the lightest ball from a collection of 8 balls? How?
  23. Explain what would happen if a manhole had a square cover.
  24. What is the probability of scoring a 7 when rolling two 6-sided dice?
  25. How many chocolate chips will you find in an ounce of chocolate chip cookies?
  26. A frog has enough energy to climb 2 meters during the day. At night he slips 1.5 meters while sleeping. How long would he take to get out of a 24 meters well?
  27. Which is more profitable for the business: a loan of 10.5% fixed interest with 1% cash back every year for a period of 20 years, or a loan of 11% floating interest with 12 EMIs free for a period of 15 years?
  28. How can you get the faulty weighing scales to give you the right weight of a bunch of apples if one side of the scale weighs half a kilo heavier that the other side?
  29. What would you do if your blue shirt turned out to be deep purple?
  30. A woman has 3 children – 2 daughters and a son who is younger than his sisters. If the product of her children is 72 and her daughters are twins, what are their exact ages?
  31. 7 thieves end a robbery with 100 silver blocks that they have to divide amongst themselves, in terms of seniority of age. The eldest amongst them gets to present a proposal about to distribute the silver, which consists of a vote. In this vote, if half the number of thieves (at least) agrees with the eldest ones proposal, the silver blocks are distributed accordingly, and if not then the eldest thief is killed and the whole system is repeated with the second eldest person. What in your opinion will be the eldest thief’s proposal?
  32. What is it that poor have, rich need and you may die if you have it?
  33. I have a head, a tail, but no legs. What am I?
  34. Using only eight 8s how will you arrive at 1000 as their sum? You cannot use any other mathematical symbol.
  35. How can a family consisting 2 parents and 2 children have 1 egg each, but only three eggs were actually eaten?
  36. While counting from 1 to 1000, which single digit will you come across more than others?
  37. Which of these are heavier: a kilo of wood or a kilo of cotton?
  38. While counting from 1 to 100 how many times will across the number 5?
  39. What is the next number in the series – 1, 11, 21, 1211, … ?
  40. A box has balls of different colors. 8 are yellow, 6 are red, 4 are blue and 2 are green. What is the minimum number of chances you can use to find two balls of the same color?
  41. Why are most umbrellas round?
  42. Three friends, Nitin, Kul and Jay have a get together where they had pizzas. Kul could have 8 slices in an hour, Jay could have 3 and Nitin could only manage 1 slice. If each pizza has 8 slices. How many pizzas did they order to last 2 hours?
  43. There are 10 nuts in a box which need to be equally distributed among 10 children. How is it possible that after distributing one nut each to them the box still contains a nut?
  44. A 5 square inch green cube was cut into 1 inch cubes. Since only the outer sides were colored green the insides do not have the same color. How many sides will you have to color to make the cubes look green on all sides?
  45. You want to send a message to your friend at the end of the hallway. The messenger has the habit to read all messages. How can you send a message to your friend without letting the messenger read it? [Yout cannot go yourself]
  46. You are allowed to place four marbles in a line. How would you manage 10 marbles in 5 lines?
  47. There are three boxes of chocolates – one with 2 milk chocolates, another with 2 dark chocolates and the third with one of each. If all the chocolate boxes were wrongly labeled and you were allowed to open just 1 box, see just 1 random chocolate and put it inside, how many times would you have to open the boxes to re-label them correctly?
  48. How would you choose from among 3 identical boxes in front of you using a single coin?
  49. You have six sticky balls, first two are red, next two are white and the last two are black. How will you arrange them so that each colored ball sticks to each of the colors?
  50. There are three pouches containing two ribbons each. First pouch has two red ribbons, second has two yellow ribbons and the third pouch has one of each. From one of these pouches, randomly chosen, you pick a yellow one. What is the chance that the other ribbon in this pouch is also yellow? [no peeking]

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