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Since the last thirty odd years, United Arab Emirates has seen a growth in economic prosperity and rising living standards. However, its reflection in the job market has been slightly different. A major section of the work force in UAE particularly in the private sector comes from outside the country. The government in recent years has been designing a policy to make more and more local people take up job in UAE. 
These policies have started showing results and there has been a growth in the number of native employees in both public and private sectors. There is however a disparity in the total number of work force employed at various cities of UAE. While big cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah have been housing around 15% to 30% of the total work force, less renowned cities like Ajman and Umm al-Qaiwain have been employing only a very small fraction of the work force. The number of foreign expatriates taking up various kinds of job in UAE has however, remained more or less constant. 
The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in UAE have been working on various policies towards increasing the number of national employees in the service sector. However, a noticeable trend in the work force has been an inclination towards government jobs more than private jobs. This trend is most evident in case of women employees. The government has designed a number of policies to make a change in this prevailing trend. 
The most significant of the policies has been the pact signed between Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) in UAE and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. According to this pact, the employers in both the public and private sectors in UAE will give first preference to pass-outs from these institutes while recruiting people particularly in the service sector like telecommunication and Banking. Students however, have shown a slow change in terms of choosing available jobs. Many still prefer working in the government bodies than in the private sector for better benefits. 

The government has also made certain new plans, bringing the private sector at par with the public sector in terms of employee benefits. This includes similar social benefits and pension schemes, disability benefits, retirement benefits and more. The following links will help you know about the various types of job in UAE and the benefits associated with these jobs.
UAE is the one stop destination for the job seekers. It is one of the most opted destination of the candidates seeking jobs. It provides jobs in various leading sectors. The job in UAE offer you the best pay package.
The candidates aspiring for marketing jobs will find UAE a fruitful destination. The designations for the marketing job in UAE are Corporate Communications Officer, Marketing Manager, Corporate Communications Manager, Marketing Executive, Marketing Research & Intelligence & Analyst, Regional Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Marketing Assistant, Marketing Director etc. The basic eligibility for the marketing job in UAE is a Bachelor's degree in marketing or a related field. A Corporate Communications Officer must have strong communication skills in English and Arabic. The salary of the candidates depends on the candidate's experience.
UAE offers ample jobs in the oil/gas sector. Some of the posts offered in the oil/gas job sector in UAE are Inspection Section Head, Inspector, Electrical Foreman, Mechanical Foreman, Operations Foreman, Senior reservoir geologist, QMI Engineer and many others. An Operations Foreman must have 3 years Diploma in technical trade. The candidates applying for the post of Inspection Section Head should have a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering. The remuneration of the candidates is the best in the industry and varies according to the job profile.
There are different types of sales job in UAE like Sales Manager, Product Development Manager, Sales Coordinator, Charter Sales Broker, Director of Sales and Marketing, General Manager, Sales Executive etc. A Sales Manager must have 5 years of experience in sales management experience. The Sales Coordinator should have two years of experience in a similar designation in a hotel. The pay package of the sales job applicants is decided on the basis of their experience.
Some of the companies in UAE are Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd., Abu Dhabi Media, Abu Dhabi Ship Building, Al Khazna Insurance, Alliance Insurance, Al Tayer Group, Dubai Development Company, Dubai Media Incorporated, Emaar Properties, Emirates Insurance, Emirates Islamic Bank and many others. 

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