HR policies in UAE

HR policies in UAE in recent times have aimed towards increasing the number of national employees in the private sector. UAE is the only country in the world whose private sector employs more number of expatriates than local candidates. The latest publication of labor report aims towards curbing this trend and increasing the local labor force in the private sector. This process popularly known as Emiratisation of the work force in UAE has made specific provisions for enabling the local workforce gain positions in the private companies in UAE.
This policy is also supposed to change the work culture in UAE. UAE nationals over the years have been preferring government jobs over private sector jobs because of the benefits involved. In order to curb this tendency, the UAE government has made significant changes in its labor laws to make HR policies in UAE favorable for those working in the private sector.
Recruitment Policies 
In making the recruitment system favorable for UAE nationals, the labor law has made national candidates as the first preference for any job category. Next in line come Arab nationals in order of preference followed by foreign nationals from other countries. This arrangement has enabled UAE nationals to get hold of jobs in the private sector. For foreign nationals the prior approval of the Labor Ministry in the form of a work permit is compulsory. The law has also made it mandatory to appoint only those foreign nationals who have the necessary qualifications for the post. The approval of the Labor Ministry of this eligibility is mandatory. Also, the international firms have been advised to give first preference to national candidates for a job. Only in the absence of an eligible national employee the firms can hire a foreign national. 
Working Hours 
The labor law in UAE has fixed the weekly working hours as 48 hours per week. Overtime or extra hours of work is allotted to only in case of specific services like hospitality and security. For extra hours of work each other than those mentioned above company has to get a recommendation from the labor ministry. 
Pension and Social Security System in UAE 
Only those employees in UAE are eligible to receive pension, disability benefits and compensation, who have been contributing regularly to the scheme. Also, the Labor Ministry has entitled to private sector employees the same social security benefits as the government employees. This is in concordance with the Emiratisation policy of UAE. 
Also, around a million people in UAE receive social welfare benefits like various types of Insurance, including pension schemes, health insurances etc. 

Termination Policies 
Termination Policies in UAE are quite similar to that followed by other companies. Termination is valid for an indefinite period of contract, for the death or complete disability of the employee or for violation for company or national laws. The termination should be mutually agreeable between both the employer and the employee. 

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