Jobs in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the most technologically developed country of Europe. With its stable economy, jobs in Ukraine were developing very rapidly before recession. Over a number of years they had achieved significant economic growth. Chemicals, machinery, agriculture, coal, electric power, metals (ferrous-non ferrous), food processing, transport equipment are some of the major industries of Ukraine and from this site one can get the material for Interviews also like Questions, Tips etc. that can help in getting a job.
With multinational companies investing in Ukraine, especially UK, jobs in Ukraine were on a new high. Graduates enjoyed bright prospects, though at the beginning or initial months, salary was low. Recession has affected Ukraine’s job market too, it has led to layoffs across different sectors like real estate, oil & gas, and pharmaceuticals. It has reversed the job market, from an employee driven one to employers driven.
Before recession, Ukraine displayed very positive statistics, with unemployment level getting down year by year. Jobs in Ukraine had helped in establishing a standard economy. China, USA, European Union and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) were some of Ukraine’s key business partners.

Crisis has changed this positive statistics, with rising unemployment levels jobs opportunities have reduced. Ukraine’s government has come to the rescue of its citizens, it has set out new stringent entry and stay rules for foreigners enforceable from May14, 2009.
President Viktor Yushchenko in his latest speech disclosed Ukraine's government plan to step up its presence in the Danube region, resume activities on the waterway, develop navigation. This would create thousands of jobs. Government has undertook several more measures to increase jobs in the country.

The official language of Ukraine is Ukrainian. Other widely used languages are Russian, Belarussian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Hungarian. Jobs in Ukraine may scale new heights, making Ukraine a country of ample growth and opportunity. 

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