Placement Consultants in Ukraine

Placement agencies are a key contributor in making a stable economy of Ukraine. Placement consultants in Ukraine are playing a major role in the recruitment of many potential candidates. They search the right candidates for the right jobs. They are now a reliable link between job seeker and the company. Apart from providing placement, they also provide training to candidates. Placement consultants in Ukraine offer valuable services to both the job seeker and the company. Over the last few years, they have played a very important role in making the labor market of Ukraine healthy.

They have helped many job seekers in term of achieving their career goal. Placement consultants in Ukraine operate on various industries, like:

  • Media
  • Management
  • Automobile
  • Construction
  • Oil and Gas industry
  • Information Technology
  • Office staff
  • Nursing
  • Travel and Tourism
Textile etc

Structure of placement consultants in Ukraine-

  • There are some consultants who deal with the recruitment of only managerial positions only.
  • There are also some specialized agencies that deal with specialized industry, ie they only deal with the recruitment to media, IT etc.
  • There are also some agencies who operates on all sectors, and in the recruitment of all levels, from lower to senior positions. Services to
  • companies/clients-

    Through their extensive database of job seeker, they provide right candidate for the right vacancies in a company.

  • Job seeker/candidates-

    Through their vast clientele list, they provide placement to the right candidate, who match the criterion of vacant position. Formalities
    Both the company and the candidate have to register (registration fee) in the placements consultants in order avail their facilities. Charges applicable-

    Different placement consultants charge different fee for different service offer to both client and candidate. Some time they also work on commission basis.

    Other services-to clients-

  • They make the back ground check of the candidates.
  • Train the candidate
  • Make personality assessment.

    To candidate-

  • Candidate gets to know about the company.
  • Avoid confusion in appointments.
  • Help to make the right career move. Placement consultants in Ukraine are promoting talent. They play a perfect role between the client and candidate.

    List of some placement consultants in Ukraine:

    V.Arnautska Str. 72/74-72 Odesa 270045 Ukraine
    tel (380.482) 291-901 fax (380.482) 229-745

    Sevastopolska Str. 43-53 Simferopol Ukraine
    tel/fax (380.652) 443-728

    P.O.Box 156 Kyiv 252025 Ukraine
    tel (380.44) 229-5730

  • Management Consulting, Kiev, Ukraine
    E-mail: or
    Post address:P.O. Box 9, Kiev-33, Ukraine, 01033

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