Jobs in Belfast

he economy of Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, is one of the smallest economies in the United Kingdom. Though it was considered as one of the poorest regions of UK and the economy faced a major setback in the 1990s, it has once again been revamped by the year 2005. The economy of Belfast was traditionally an industrial one and manufacturing industry used to dominate the economy. The two biggest manufacturing industries of Belfast are ship building and aerospace and were the hub of jobs in Belfast.
At one point of time Belfast also established itself as the world leader in the factory production of line. The textile industry is also an important contributor to the economy of Belfast. The other strong industries of the Northern Ireland are service, public sector and tourism. In the recent years, the tourism industry has enjoyed a significant growth and now it earns a considerable amount of revenue per year. Belfast also has strong energy resources. 

In the present economy the public sector is the biggest employer in Belfast. It now accounts for 63 per cent of the economy of Belfast. In the recent years the financial services industry has also grown rapidly in Belfast. The sector currently employs nearly 20,000 people in different jobs like retail banking, insurance, pensions, accounting, auditing and the software and BPO industry attracted some of the top companies like Citigroup, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, Allstate and HBOS to start operations here. And with their rapid growth these sectors are expected to create more scope for people to get jobs in Belfast. 

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