Jobs in Birmingham

Considered as one of the core cities of England, the economy of Birmingham is highly developed. Over the last few decades the economy of Birmingham has undergone several changes. In terms of employment, manufacturing and engineering has now been replaced by the service sector. In the next few years, creation of more than 50.000 additional jobs in Birmingham have been projected. Output and productivity in service sector and economy have been also projected to grow in the next few years. Nevertheless manufacturing still remain a significant factor in their economy. Job market in Birmingham is expanding and growing, making it a prominent administrative and financial sector.
Jobs in Birmingham contribute a billion to their national economy. Vehicle, components and accessories, motor vehicles, electrical equipment, weapons, plastics, chemicals, food, machine tools jewelery and glass are some of the industrial products of Birmingham. Service industry, retailing and tourism, along with scientific research in nano technology are some of prominent economic contributors of Birmingham. Car manufacture, engineering, finance, tourism,retail, brass, buttons, guns, jewelery are some of the major industries of Birmingham. The rate of unemployment is significantly low here as compared to other parts of UK. During the few decade there has been a major economic and social development in Birmingham. 

With its high facilities, lucrative job market and superior economy, Brimingham has now become the most popular place to live and work among whole of Europe. Public transport includes bus, tram and local train. As business and economic activities are growing, jobs in Birmingham are also growing rapidly - making it one of the most rewarding job markets in the whole of UK. 

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