Jobs in Dublin

Being the capital and the largest city of Ireland, there is a healthy growth of job opportunities in Dublin. Dublin is regarded as one of the most prominent centers of Ireland's economy. Dublin is also home of the headquarters of many international companies. Many major foreign companies are also targeting the lucrative economic market of Dublin. Both the business and commercial activity in Dublin is expanding which in turn is expanding the the job market here.
Irish Stock Exchange (ISEQ), Internet Neutral Exchange (INEX) and Irish Enterprise Exchange (IEX) are all situated here. Whiskey, live stock, agricultural products, local industrial manufactures and stout are some of the principal exports of Dublin. Brewing, textile manufacturing , distilling, electrical and electronic equipment, foot wear, glass, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, food processing, manufacture of foundry products and cigarettes are some of the principal industries of Dublin. More over commerce, banking, finance are also important here. 

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