Jobs in Glasgow

Jobs in Glasgow have plenty of vacancies as the city has the largest and most vibrant economy in Scotland. It is located at the heart of the metropolitan area of West Central Scotland. The city itself sustains more than 410,000 jobs in over 12,000 companies. Since 2000 , over 153,000 job vacancies have been created in in Glasgow - which accounts to a growth rate of 32%. The chief revenue of the city came from the manufacturing industries such as shipbuilding and heavy engineering in the past . But with the passage of time these sectors have been gradually replaced by a modern mixed economy. The present day economy is supported by public and private investing and a competent workforce. For more information on jobs in Glasgow you can stay with us.

The major job sectors that dominate the economy of Glasgow in the present era are the industries in financial and business services, information and technology, legal, management, health care and tourism .The city of Glasgow is mainly supported by the working force coming from the nearby city of Edinburgh which is the capital city of Scotland. Glasgow constitutes the western part of the Silicon Glen high tech sector of Scotland. A burgeoning number of Blue Chip financial sector companies have their precious offices in Glasgow that includes Abbey, National Australia Group, Royal Bank of Scotland, HBOS, AXA, Aviva, Standard Life, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Barclays Bank and Lloyds TSB. If you are wishing to secure a job in Glasgow with decent pay package then you should stick to the page as this page is going to reveal more information on jobs in Glasgow.

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