Jobs in Wales

The economy of Wales is well flourished. It ranks tenth among the twelve regions of the United Kingdom and is considered as the 43rd largest economy of the world. Rate of employment and earnings are generally higher in east Wales. The present economy of Wales is dominated by the service sector and the rate of employment is maximum in the service sector industries. The other important industries that contribute in the economy of Wales are manufacturing and fishing. Among the service sector rate of employment is more in education, health care, government and public administration. Apart from these the manufacturing industry also creates enormous opportunities for jobs in Wales. Metal ore refining is the most common and old industry in Wales.
Between 1980 and 1990 the electronic industry grew rapidly in Wales as 130 companies from North America and 5 companies started their operation in Wales. The electronic industry has thus become one of the major employer. Among agricultural industries, livestock farming, cattle farming for beef and dairy products contributes maximum in the economy of wales. In the recent past tourism has established itself as one of the strongest industry of the service sector. The industry now employs nearly nine percent of the total workforce in Wales. Hotel and hospitality services are the two most common sectors which give enormous opportunity for jobs in Wales. The health care sector is also well flourished in Wales. Hospitals and nursing homes that have grown in large numbers provide advanced health care services to the patients

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