Aviation Jobs in Colorado

The economic scenario of Colorado is experiencing a much needed upswing after the prolonged recession. Colorado always enjoyed an upbeat economic scenario as it enjoys the eleventh highest per capita income in the world. However, due to the recession, the economic scenario was going through a rough patch but as the effects of recession slowly fades away, Colorado is certainly experiencing a economic surge. The economic surge is certainly reflected by the increasing volume of business in various industrial sectors. As it again gains back its financial significance, the volume of air traffic moving to and fro Colorado has also increased manifold. This has directly benefited the aviation industry as well though the tourism industry of Colorado has also contributed a lot in creating the increased traffic. As the traffic volume shows no signs of decrease, more and more aviation company are looking for investment opportunities in Colorado. Existing airlines are revising their plans by increasing the number of flights.New airlines are making every move to start their operation as soon as they can. The upswing in the aviation industry has opened a number of aviation jobs in Colorado.

Types of aviation jobs
One may wonder how an aviation industry is able to produce so many jobs as a job in this particular industry needs a high level of expertise. There is nothing to wonder as aviation industry number of sectors which contribute equally in the smooth operation of the industry. For instance, when we say aviation the first few job openings that comes to our mind is pilot, ground crew or air hostess. However, the truth is that aviation industry goes much beyond a pilot, ground crew and air hostess as it also requires expertise in the form of flight attendants, flight engineer, etc. A deeper look into the types pf aviation jobs reveals the following types:
  • Aerospace engineer
  • Aerospace workers
  • Aircraft mechanic for maintenance
  • Non-flying administrative Personnel
  • Non flying air cargo handler
  • Non-flying Cabin Service person
  • Flight dispatcher
  • Aircraft fueler
  • Airport manager
  • Service person for airport maintenance
  • Airport Engineer
  • Commercial pilot
  • Flight attendant
  • Flight instructor
Aviation colleges in Colorado
The presence of a variety of job openings requires a huge number of trained professionals in this industry. Colorado, equipped with a number aviation colleges supply the required number of candidates. Most of the aviation colleges of Colorado offer a comprehensive training course to make the candidates ready for the industry. These colleges play a vital role in keeping the supply chain intact as without a proper supply of talented candidates, the aviation industry of Colorado wouldn’t have flourished so much. Therefore, it’s important to get a glimpse of the best aviation colleges of Colorado:
A-Cent Aviation
Located on Aviation Way, Colorado Springs, the A-Cent Aviation School is one of the most renowned aviation schools in Colorado. Equipped with a comprehensive training course and experienced faculty, the college train its students in the right way so that they are able to deliver according to the needs of the industry.

Advantage Aviation
Advantage aviation is also a renowned aviation school in Colorado. Located on Dover Street, Wheat Bridge, Colorado, the aviation school has guaranteed package programs with the help of its experienced instructors. Most of the courses offered by the school involve intensive ground and in-flight training. These trainings prove to be very helpful during the professional career. The well-planed training of the Advantage Aviation is well known to the industry as well. Hence, students passing out from this college easily get absorbed by renowned aviation companies.
Black Canyon Aviation
The Black Canyon Aviation is located on Airport Road in Montrose, Colorado. This aviation school provides a unique training of flying between the mountains of Western Colorado. It’s is a very valuable lesson that imparts a special skill to the pilots, passing out from this school. As a result, they hardly face any problem when they face similar scenarios during their professional life.
Colorado Flight Center
This aviation school of Colorado is situated on the Heritage Way of Grand Junction. This particular aviation school is increasingly getting popular among aspiring aviation professionals. The school has various long term and short term training programs to suit the needs of the students. The well-crafted training courses are just perfect to make a candidate ready for the aviation industry.

Prospective aviation jobs in Colorado

There are lots of aviation companies in Colorado that provides a great aviation career opportunities. Aviation jobs in Colorado are plenty in number and expansion plans of most of the aviation companies has suddenly raised the demand for aviation professionals even more. Some of the companies which create a lot of job opportunities in the aviation industry of Colorado are as follows:
Doss Aviation
Located in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Colorado. Doss Aviation is a familiar name in the aviation industry of Colorado. The company is mainly involved in management and maintenance of army aircrafts along with overlooking the quality control. Moreover, it is also involved in technical supply, flight operations, and dispatch and alert services. The workload of the company fluctuates according to the flight schedules. However, the overall volume of work done by the company keeps increasing. This keeps the company busy in recruiting experts from various fields. They take a high number of Aircraft maintenance engineer and operation managers to deal with the increasing workload. The candidates need to have a highly qualified background with degree in aviation engineering from any of the renowned aviation colleges of Colorado or abroad. Moreover, the company also prefers candidates with considerable amount of work experience.

Located in Englewood, Colorado, CH2M HILL is a renowned company in the aviation industry and has the glory of working in some of the most challenging projects. The high quality of work done by the company often acts as a positive stimuli for next generations. Though the company does a huge volume of work yet the quality of each of its work remains supreme. To maintain such high quality of work, the company recruits highly qualified professionals from time to time. This also helps the company staff from getting excessive workload and they can concentrate much more on the maintenance of the quality. The company requires professionals to serve its different departments but it requires a lot of aviation planners. The aviation planners need to carry out a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the airport terminal and also prepares the air traffic forecast. Therefore, the individual needs to have a sound knowledge about the global standards of airport quality. To provide a high quality operational analysis, the company also emphasizes on the educational background of the candidate.
CH2M HILL also recruits airports architects as it is involved in designing many airports across the world. In the past, this company has come out with some excellent airport design. Therefore, to maintain its standards or rather raise it by few notches, the company is very selective while recruiting candidates.
The company deals in maintenance and supervises the helicopter operation. Renowned for providing top quality expertise in helicopter maintenance, working for this company is extremely satisfying for each of its employees. The wide range of aviation activities carried by the company requires a lot of manpower with a desired level of expertise. As a result, Raytheon recruits aviation professionals to look after the various aspects of its work. As the company specializes in helicopter maintenance, it requires a lot of professionals in that sector. Helicopter operation supervisors are frequently recruited by the company. It not only provides a high quality of service but also helps in producing more aviation jobs in Colorado. Getting a job in this company is a dream for a helicopter operation supervisor as he/she will be responsible for planning and scheduling the United States Antarctic Program (USAP) field activities, supported by helicopters. Thus, it is a great job for the relevant candidates. However, a work experience of at least 3 years in the relevant field with a degree in aviation engineering is absolutely necessary.
Denver International Airport
Located in Denver, Colorado, the Denver International Airport (DIA) is one of the most important airports of Colorado. Equipped with a 16,000 foot commercial runway, which is the longest commercial runway in North America, it handles a large number of flights. With increasing volume of traffic, the airport is expanding its manpower to handle the extra traffic. To ease the workload of the communications operations team, the airport recruits a lot of professionals in this department. Aviation Emergency Dispatchers are regularly hired by the airport authority to minimize the workload on a particular individual and maintain their standard of service. It is a lucrative job but it also demands a lot of effort as he/she will be responsible for operating heavy volume of emergency telephones alongside dispatching police or paramedic unit responders. The particular job also requires a work experience in dealing with individual problems and applying policies, procedures or legal guidelines. Moreover, they usually recruit people with an associate degree in criminal justice, fire service technology and other relevant fields.

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