Placement Consultants in Colorado

n the State of Colorado, where the number of companies is growing rapidly with the number of professionals; placement consultants have always had a lucrative market. 
Colorado harbors some of the best placement consultants in United States and provides top-ranking service to the numerous job seekers as well as the big banners. Ranging from short listing to screening and recruiting to appointing, they qualify in all the domains.
The multi-national and eminent companies namely Oracle Corporation, Samsonite, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Cisco Systems and so forth appoint handful of the placement consultants in Colorado to search talented and potential employees for them.
Besides recruiting, the placement consultants in Colorado also offer a wide array of other beneficial services. Some of such benefits are mentioned below:
  • Accommodation
  • Getting visa and the work permit
  • Counseling
  • Introducing the job-seekers in the professional market and
  • Providing retirement and health care benefits 

The employment agencies work on a full time basis to hunt high quality full time or part time jobs for the professionals. With the government’s effort to diminish the unemployment rate, recently, the placement consultants in Colorado have gained their momentum and devotedly catering to their clients. 
Generally speaking placement fees are paid by the employers; however, in few circumstances the job seeker might have to pay a certain percentage. The various placement consultants in Colorado work for specialized sectors and this enhances there recruitment quality to a great extent. Hence, for better result one must research on a particular recruitment agency and then enroll him/ her. In addition, enrollment in more than one employment agency provides extra benefits and better quality jobs.

1) Name: Corestaff Services
Address: 3900 E. Mexico Avenue,
Suite 104
City: Denver – 80210-3941
Phone:             303 446 0700      
Fax: 303 691 1778
Email id: not mentioned
2) Name: Manpower Professional
Address: 111 South Tejon Street, #703
City: Colorado Springs – 80903
Phone:             719 632 8200      
Fax: 719 632 3800

Email id:
3) Name: Aerotek
Address: 1025 Garden of Gods Road,
Suite A
City: Colorado Springs – 80907
Toll Free:             800 225 1369      
Phone:             719 277 6000      
Fax: 719 277 6050
Email id: Not mentioned
4) Name: Triad Consultants
Address: 8101 E. Pentice Ave,
Suite 610
City: Greenwood Village – 80111
Phone:             303 220 8516      
Fax: 303 220 5265
Email id:
5) Name: Goodwill Staffing Services
Address: 25 N. Spruce Street,
Suite #301
City: Colorado Springs – 80905
Phone:             719 380 8855      
Fax: 719 574 9484
Email id: Not mentioned

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