Tourism Jobs in Colorado

Located mostly in the Rocky Mountain Range of the U.S.A, Colorado is a beautiful place that has got a range of tourist spots. In fact, Colorado’s beauty is said to have a unique appeal that attracts tourists from different corners of the globe. The place is considered to be America’s playground and is famous for its snow covered areas. A dream destination for skiing, Colorado has no dearth of tourist’s attractions. Moreover, with time, the popularity seems to be growing as the tourist count of Colorado is constantly increasing. The place bustles with tourists activities, especially during winter. As a result, there are number of hotels and resorts in Colorado. These hotels and resorts need a lot of skilled labors and expertise in order to operate thus creating lots of tourism jobs in Colorado. In fact, not only resorts and hotels the whole tourism industry of Colorado creates a lot of tourism jobs in Colorado.

Types of tourism jobs
Colorado’s economy has also benefited a lot from the surge in the tourism industry. Though Colorado boasts the eleventh highest per capita income yet the tourism industry has further added to the growth. However, it may not be clear to everyone how tourism industry manages to create so many job openings. The answer lies in the fact that horizon of tourism industry goes much beyond hotels and resorts. The industry also involves ticket bookings, guiding the tourists to different spots, managing the overall schedule, car pick up and drops, etc. Thus all these various aspects needs man power as well as expertise. To fulfill that, a vast number of professionals are taken in the respective fields. Let’s have a look in what types of jobs are available in the tourism industry:
Tour Guides
Tourism industry requires a lot of tour guides as they help in guiding the huge number of tourists that come from different places to explore a place that they hardly know. This increases the responsibility of tourist guides even more as the tourists will get an idea about the place according to the knowledge of the guide. However, the skills of a tourist guide are not always embedded in a person; it has to be acquired through rigorous training. 
Support Staff
The support staffs also perform an important function in the particular industry as they include the booking agents, customer service representatives. These people perform the various vital functions before you ultimately start your tour. Thus, each of the tourism company requires a lot of support staff to carry out the whole process smoothly.

Service industry
This particular sector of the tourism industry creates most of the jobs compared to other sectors. Hotel, resorts, restaurants require a large variety of professionals to provide different types of service. For instance, a hotel may require a lot of service staffs whereas a restaurant may hire a number of chefs and waiters thus broadening the horizon as well as creating increased number of jobs.
There are a number of other openings in the industry as well. Drivers for providing car service, electrician to look after the various electrical appliances of hotels, restaurants and many other professionals are also required for the industry to ensure smooth functioning. They may not be at the forefront of the industry but their contribution towards the industry is well beyond question.
Where to study tourism in Colorado:
As Colorado continuously elevates itself towards one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world, there has been a tremendous growth in tourism jobs in Colorado as well. The fact that acts even more in favor of the flourishing tourism industry of Colorado is that it has no dearth of professionals for the industry. The large number of tourism colleges in Colorado keeps the supply chain intact. Some of the most renowned tourism colleges of Colorado are as follows:
  • University of Phoenix
  • Colorado State University
  • University of Colorado
Prospective tourism jobs in Colorado
The booming tourism industry absorbs a lot of students in different sectors. Travel agencies, hotels, resorts, restaurants hire a number of professionals with the required expertise. Some of them prefer experienced professionals while others recruit fresher as well. Different companies emphasizes on different aspects. Therefore, they create job openings in different fields. Some of the prospective tourism jobs in Colorado are as follows:
AAA of Colorado
Located in Denver, Colorado, AAA of Colorado is a tourism company that has a huge client base from different parts of the world. It portrays Colorado in the best possible way and therefore provides the right opportunity for tourists to enjoy the best tourist spots of Colorado. The company is also involved in booking air tickets, cruise tickets and offers attractive hotel packages. The huge volume of business results to high requirement of travel agents for the company. As a result, it hires a lot of travel agents who can provide best quality services to its clients. However, the company only recruits travel agents who have a vast experience in this field. The agent should possess the updated information about various travel destinations. Moreover, the company only hires agents who have a degree in tourism and have a sound educational background.
Echo Canyon River Expeditions
The particular expedition is one of the most famous tourist spot in Colorado. The thrill of this expedition is something that tourists never forget. It’s truly a lifetime experience. However, the presence of some of the most experienced guides in this expedition guarantees safety along with fun. The huge popularity of the Echo Canyon River Expedition requires a lot of experienced guides. Hence, the company hires a lot of tourist guides to make the expedition available to more number of tourists. As a result, it creates lot of job openings in Colorado and increases the overall number of tourism jobs in Colorado. Tourist guides hired but the company needs to have a vast experience in this field. Moreover, he/she needs to have a vivid knowledge about the area.
Bluegreen Corporation
The Bluegreen Corporation is located in Denver, Colorado and is a leading company which provides world class tourist services. The company has tie-ups with as many as 40 resorts and has an exchange network of 3,700 resorts. This reflects the huge volume of work overlooked by the company. The volume of work overlooked by the company is not the only factor for which the company is famous, it also enjoys a lot of fame for providing a service that has integrity, quality and innovation. With the aspiration of climbing to the top, the company continuously expands its business. As a result, it hires a number of vacation sales representative, who are responsible for managing the Outdoor travel Centers. The company prefers candidates with considerable amount of expertise and work experience in the relevant field. Moreover, an educational background with degree in the relevant field is also required.

Raft Masters 
Located 45 miles southeast of Colorado Spring in the Canon city of Colorado, Raft Masters is a concern that possesses expertise in providing rafting experience in the white water of Colorado. The company plays a vital role in making tourists familiar with the excitement of rafting in the white waters of Colorado. As adventure sports attracts a lot of tourists to Colorado, the company experiences a huge number of tourists count. To deliver each of them a memorable experience, the company needs a rafting experts and they create lucrative job opening from time to time. However, bagging the job needs a lot of work experience under your belt.
Vista Verde Ranch
Located 25 miles north of Steamboat Springs, this is one of the best guest ranches of Colorado. Renowned for providing a comprehensive vacation program that includes hiking, rock climbing, horse riding, hot air ballooning, the guest ranch attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year. The wide array of activities offered by the premiere guest ranch requires a lot of expertise and man power. Hence, it continuously looks for professionals who can add more value to their service. The particular guest ranch also emphasizes a lot on maintaining easy communication with the guests and hires a lot of front desk managers. Apart from that, other professionals like rock climbing experts, horse riding experts are also hired from time to time. Each of these jobs requires a lot of experience and expertise. Therefore, Vista Verde Ranch hires candidates who satisfy these criteria.
The trend of tourism jobs in Colorado clearly reflects that a sound educational background along with a good amount of work experience is absolutely necessary to bag these lucrative jobs. Most of the companies attached to the tourism industry don’t want to compromise on the quality of service offered to the customers. Therefore, they prefer experienced professionals to fresher. However, the scenario will change very soon as a large number of tourism companies are all set to start their operations in Colorado. They will require a large number of professionals as well. If they rely entirely on experienced candidates, they would surely fall short of supply. Hence, they have to look towards fresher as well which actually presents a promising future for fresher as well.

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