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Hawaii has got an inspiring and prospective job market. The state is full of opportunities for the job seekers as one can find plenty of jobs in Hawaii. Moreover, opportunities are there for the professionals from all fields. This is the reason why many people prefer Hawaii as their place of work. The characteristics of Hawaii job market also gets reflected on its statistics. The state had the lowest unemployment rate in the country in 2004. No matter whether you are an experienced professional or one who is just going to start his/her career, you will find a lot of jobs in Hawaii that would suit your profile.
Hawaii – the State
Hawaii, the newest of all the U.S. states, is made up of islands. The natural beauty, tropical weather and active volcanoes of the state have made it an immensely popular destination. Thousands of tourists from all parts of the United States and overseas come to visit this
state every year. As a result, tourism has grown up at a large pace in the state, which also created several employment opportunities for the professionals.
Hawaii, encompassing almost entire volcanic Hawaiian Island chain, consists of hundreds of islands. It is the 43rd largest state in the United States in terms of area (with an area of 10,931 sq miles). The eight “main islands” of the state can be named as Hawai?i, Kaho?olawe, Kaua?i, Lana?i, Maui, Moloka?i, Ni?ihau, and O?ahu. The island of Hawai?i is the biggest of them all and is often referred to as “The Big Island”.

Job Market in Hawaii
The job market in Hawaii is dominated by tourism industry. Due to its natural beauty, climate and volcanoes, the state attracts huge number of tourists from all parts of the world. With the growth of tourism industry in the state, the demands for tourism professionals have also gone up. Hence, if you are looking for jobs in this industry, Hawaii may have plenty to offer to you.
The state of Hawaii has also got the best job market for the sailors, which is expected to go up at a rate of 105% within 2012. The demands for engineers in the ships are also quite high in this state, which is again likely to grow up at a rate of 101%.
Education is another sector that has got good prospects in terms of job openings. There are plenty of jobs available in Hawaii in this sector. The demands for education instructors will go up in the next few years. The industry is expected to grow at a rate of 45% by the year 2012. There will also be a growth of 45% in the social service assistant jobs.

Another position that will be in huge demand is Wait Staff. It is estimated that, by the year 2012, 1030 Wait Staff would be required by the state. There will also be growth in the retail sales.
How to Find Jobs in Hawaii
There are several ways one can find jobs in Hawaii. You can follow the job sections of the local newspapers, where several organizations advertise about the job openings. You can apply for the positions that suit your profile and send your application along with your resume to the given address. If you get shortlisted, you will be called up for an interview.

As a job seeker, you can also browse through the websites of various organizations. Many organizations publish job notifications in the ‘career’ pages of their websites. You can learn about various jobs that the organization has to offer. You can send your resume to the given e-mail id if your profile matches with the job requirements. Shortlisted candidates are called up for interview.
Several organizations also hire professional recruitment agencies for recruiting candidates. These agencies have huge database of candidates. According to the job requirements, they select candidates from their database and call them up for interviews. The recruitment agencies help the recruiting organizations to find the right candidates for the openings. On the other hand, these agencies also help job seekers to find the jobs that would suit their profile. You, as a job seeker, can submit your resume to their database. The agencies would call you up in case your profile matches with the job requirements.

Recruitment Consultants in Hawaii
967 Kapiolani Blvd.
Honolulu, HI
Tel: 808-591-4900

Bishop & Company, Inc.
841 Bishop Street
Suite 1614
Honolulu, HI
Tel: 808.839-2200

Hawaii Careers 
5601c Hauaala Rd
Kapaa, HI

Hawaii Staffing Inc
320 Ward Ave
Honolulu, HI
Tel: 808-591-2332
Manpower Professional 
Pacific Guardian Center 737 Bishop
Honolulu, HI
Tel: 808-524-3634

Mpc And Company 
1910 Ala Moana Blvd
Apt 9D
Honolulu, HI
Tel: 808 945-2545

SMAC Hawaii, Inc.
99-1255 Waiua Place, #5
Aiea, HI
Tel: 808-484-0062

Smith Brother Business Solutions
P. O. Box 1613
Majuro, HI
Tel: 692-455-0006

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