HR Policies in Venezuela

The HR policies in Venezuela take care of employment, maintaining employee records, handling workers' compensation, unemployment claims, benefits etc. The government takes special care to formulate HR policies in Venezuela so that there is no discrimination and that everyone gets proper opportunity for jobs according to their qualification. It is the human resource department of Venezuela which controls and enforces all the policies regarding jobs.
Presently a large number of foreign nationals are taking up jobs in Venezuela and the government is trying to incorporate such policies which will benefit both the local residents and the foreign nationals. Some of the important features of HR policies in Venezuela are: 

Recruitment Policies:
The HR policies of Venezuela are such that all the employers have to sign a contract with the employees when they are joining the company. Everything must be clearly stated in the contract regarding salary, working hours, overtime, night shifts, annual holidays and leaves, different rules and regulations of the company and conditions which will result in the termination of the contract. 
Termination Policies:
Employment can be terminated due to end of contractual period , long days of absence without notice or valid reason, negligence or misconduct in office etc. The employee can also terminate his/her services upon non payment of salary. Nothing is specified about the prior notice that an employer has to give to the employee. 
Pension and benefits:
According to the HR policies of Venezuela, the persons working in Venezuela get different types of benefits.. They are: 
Statutory Benefits
  • Social security system
  • Retirement benefits
  • Death benefits
  • Sickness benefits
  • Disability benefits
  • Medical benefits
  • Maternity benefits
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Social benefits 
Typical Benefits practices
  • Retirement benefits
  • Death benefits
  • Sickness and disability benefits
  • Medical benefits
  • Financing and contributions
  • Taxation

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