Placement Consultants in Venezuela

There are a number of efficient placement consultants in Venezuela, which have been providing excellent service to the job seekers in Venezuela. These placement consultants cater to both national and international firms, recruiting skilled professionals from Venezuela. The concept of placement agencies is still relatively new in this country. People were mostly habituated with the practice of searching jobs through newspapers, local connections and direct applications. However, people have found the placement consultancies as much useful. There are many public recruitment agencies which provide assistance, free of charge. On the other hand, to get services from private placement consultants in Venezuela one has to pay a nominal amount as fee. These private agencies usually provide employment in big firms, and mainly for executive posts. Some private recruiting agencies also cater to international firms based abroad. A lot of candidates from Venezuela have been able to find outsourcing jobs abroad, through these firms. For other types of jobs the public or government run placement agencies provide service. The concept of placement consultants is slowly catching up in Venezuela. Being a successfully tried and tested method in the west, the placement consultants are supposed to bring considerable growth to the existing employment rates in the country. this will also help in increasing the practice of getting jobs through formal channels rather than informal ones, such as local connections, peer groups, familial connections, etc. also, the employment generation will automatically become merit based, which will promote equal opportunity.

Following is the name and contact details of a couple of placement consultants in Venezuela.

Name: Manpower Venezuela
Address: Edificio Torre Delta Piso 3
Av. Francisco de Miranda
Altamira, Caracas
Phone no.: +58 212 261 4459
Fax: +58 212 265 5677

Name: Adecco Venezuela
Address: Casa Matriz
Torre Cavendes, Piso 3
Oficinas 301/302
Av. Francesco de Miranda
Phone no.: +58 212 2869810/2867016

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