Teaching Jobs in Venezuela

The educational structure of Venezuela has gone through recent changes especially in the curriculum. The introduction of computers and Internet five years ago has greatly influenced the educational system. Though the education system of Venezuela is homogeneous and centralized, the quality of education is uneven throughout the country. For this reason, the introduction of these facilities is taking so much time. 
However the government is trying its best to integrate communication and information technologies on a large scale so that the schools can benefit from it. Overall Venezuela is one of the most literate countries in South America. All these have made teaching jobs in Venezuela attractive and interesting to a large number of people. Not only this, teaching is one of the respected professions in the country and so a lot of people take up teaching jobs in Venezuela. 
The education structure of Venezuela is different. The basic education consists of nine years of compulsory education for all. After this, there are two years of academic, vocational and technical education in the senior school and at the end, there is higher education which is divided into junior college, university education and technical education. As there are different levels in the education structure, a large number of teaching jobs in Venezuela are available. Teaching different languages is also a viable profession in Venezuela. 
In order to know more about the teaching jobs in Venezuela, read the following: 

For teaching languages, the person must be a native speaker of the language and must have done a certification course in that language. For higher and technical education, the person must have a master’s degree in that field. A post doctoral degree will be an added qualification. Nothing is stated specifically about the qualifications for teachers teaching in the basic schools. For people searching for jobs in Venezuela, communication skills in English and Spanish is also required. 
Work Experience:
Nothing is specified about the work experience required for the teaching jobs. But some experience in the field of teaching will always be given importance. 
Working Hours:
For language teaching 17 hours in a week is the required working hours. For others, nothing is specified. Working hours depend on the working hours of the school, colleges and universities. 

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